Membrii ANTHRAX, SUM 41 fac cover dupa piesa 'Public Image' de la PUBLIC IMAGE LTD

Membrii ANTHRAX, SUM 41 fac cover dupa piesa ‘Public Image’ de la PUBLIC IMAGE LTD

Toboşarul ANTHRAX, Charlie Bernante a făcut echipă cu fostul vocalist TURBONEGRO, Hank Von Hell, chitarisul SUM 41 Dave Baksh şi basistul Jasone “Cone” McCaslin pentru a înregistra un cover a piesei “Public Image” de la PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.

Benante a încărcat un clip pe canaul său de youtube alături de urmatorul mesaj:

“When I was younger, I would sometimes go to work with my sister, who was a hairdresser in Manhattan. Below the salon was a record store called Disco Mat that I LOVED. I would spend hours in there and one day, I had a weird experience. I was in there going through records and I saw a man with a long coat and a beret looking through the bins. I knew it was Johnny Rotten because I was a huge SEX PISTOLS fan. I walked over to him all excited and he turned and put his finger up to his mouth and went ‘Shhhhhhhhhhhhh’ as in ‘STOP’. I took that as a leave me alone and that’s what I did. I continued to look around and then I saw him checking out and he called me over. I told him how much I loved the PISTOLS and he said that was all behind him and he was moving on. He took a Disco Mat card, turned it over and signed it for me. He talked a bit more and then left. The thing he was moving onto was PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.”

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