Avant-garde/Progressive Metal Band FRIG has just released one of the most ambitious projects of refreshing the nature!

FRIG Announces Three New Band Members

Not only did FRIG announced the release of their new EP  ‘genOm’, the Romanian avant-garde, post-rock band also announced that three of their four members are leaving the band due to ‘musical differences.’ The split appears to be amicable and based on artistic direction.

It’s not the first time FRIG has seen major lineup changes, but Alex Deak, the founder of FRIG, hopes that the new members will stick as long as possible. He is thrilled to present the three new members consisting of bassist Marius Andrei Ionescu (see him perform at nevergoinghome and Unclaimed Wreckage), rhythm guitarist Alexandru Ionut


Manole (see Unclaimed Wreckage), and drummer Alexandru-Mihai Balmos (see Unclaimed Wreckage).
The band also share a new website design. See it on frigband.com

About FRIG’s newest EP ‘genOm'”

The EP describes the evolution from macro to micro, zooming into our universe and analyzing human condition, neuronal connections, and the cosmos that binds everything together. The concept and sound are best defined by ‘Australe’, our single that features an abstract music video. The key theme is the South pole of Mars and the evidence of water. Sergio Ponti (Dordeduh, Sunset In The 12th House) was our special guest behind the drums, bringing the sound to progressive metal spheres.

With ‘genOm’ FRIG started a great campaign of reforesting the country. How does this work? All of these lead to a unique design and a biodegradable package, including exotic varieties of seeds, the necessaries instructions for plantation, and a generated QR code for the final EP, for you to listen to Digital. Once you plant the seeds you get to look for a brighter, greener future.

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