Trupa C.O.D. a lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul "Traveller"

Trupa C.O.D. a lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul “Traveller”

C.O.D. – Traveller

Bucurestenii de la lansat un nou videoclip. Acesta nou clip este pentru piesa “Traveller” si a fost creat de Razvan RadutaOld Boy Studio. Enjoy!

“C.O.D. brings on the romanian scene an unique sound, consisting of a blend of post-grunge, metal, stoner and hard-rock.
Established in 2003 in the town of Targoviste (Romania), the band went through various changes, both in terms of its members but also of the style (which started as heavy-metal and hard rock).
These changes led to the formation of a mature group with much experience gained on the romanian scenes.
All the efforts of the bad materialized in a first studio album called “I need to get out” and released on the 5th of april 2013.
The album is a collection of 10 original songs and a bonus track consisting of an original remake of a known songs.
Although the material has not been thought of as having one single concept, each piece is a journey through the human condition, the final message being the need to self-release
from the dogmatization and constraints of society.
Stylistically, it is a very varied album, which is dictated by the desire to not use clear and specific recipes of composition.”


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