Concert Ingested [UK] / Need4Speed [RM] / Avoid Humanity [RO] in Quantic - Contemporarz+Establishment

Concert Ingested, Need4Speed, Avoid Humanity in Quantic

Concert Ingested [UK] / Need4Speed [RM] / Avoid Humanity

19.01.2020 @ Quantic

🎫 Tickets:
⭕️ 35 lei – acces general – earlybird – doar primele 50 bilete – SOLD OUT
✅ 45 lei – acces general – presale 1 – până pe 18.01.2020 inclusiv
AmBilet.ro: http://bit.ly/2rjGypj
iaBilet.ro: http://bit.ly/2OKhUWS
⭕️ 60 lei – acces general – doar în ziua evenimentului, 19.01.2020
Concert Ingested [UK] / Need4Speed [RM] / Avoid Humanity [RO] in Quantic - Contemporarz+Establishment

INGESTED [UK] – Slamming Death Metal

Mancunian slam crew INGESTED have built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time. Punishing beat-downs, epic riffage, guttural vocals and blistering speed are just some of the weapons in Ingested’s musical arsenal.

2015 now sees Ingested return with their heaviest offering yet in the form of „The Architect Of Extinction„, mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and featuring mind blowing artwork from Toshihiro Egawa (who also did the artwork for the band’s debut record).
The Architect Of Extinction” will be released January 12th on Century Media Records in Europe.

#Need4Speed [RM] – Brutal Death Metal Grindcore

Avoid Humanity [RO] – Death Metal


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