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Klangstof (NL) Live in Control

Concert Klangstof – 21 Mar.

“Let’s just put two words together so that people from the U.S. don’t understand it”

Bilete: https://eventbook.ro/music/bilete-klangstof-live

Dutch-Norwegian project Klangstof (roughly translated “echo dust”) was originally founded as a solo project by Koen van de Wardt and later joined by Jun Christian Villanueva, Jobo Engh, and Wannes Salome. The Amsterdam-based alternative pop act first established itself with a majestic confluence of synth-pop, post-rock & electronic music.

Klangstof was discovered on Soundcloud by David Dan, head of LA boutique label Mind of a Genius (also home for Zhu and THEY.). followed a year laterby the release of their debut full-length, Close Eyes to Exit.

A co-sign from Warner Brothers would soon follow, as well as a remix of breakout single “Hostage” by house legend Sasha, while Klangstof set off on their first US tour where they put their versatility, showmanship & impulsiveness on full display.

See them live in Bucharest!


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