Alexu and The Voices Inside a lansat videoclipul pentru “Everlearn “

Alexu and The Voices Inside a lansat videoclipul pentru “Everlearn “

Alexu and The Voices Inside – Everlearn

Alexu and The Voice Inside a lansat videoclipul pentru single-ul “Everlearn”.

Life, music and everything in between!
Alexu and The Voices Inside is an art project where I express how I see life through lyrics and simple tunes.
It all started at a point where I have nearly lost myself in a world full of superficial and a voice inside my head kept on screaming to be what I really am: this creepy, freaky dude , Not always understood by the others, but always seeing the beautiful in the world and kept on believing that somehow, being truly sincere to yourself, you can make a difference.

So I stopped looking for validation from the others and started creating this raw, pure, sincere variety of myself. That’s how the first chord on the guitar really hit me, and soon started to be the first song I’ve ever wrote for myself and this project, “By my side”, a tune that you’re going to listen pretty soon.
This felt like a nuclear bomb for me, and soon I’ve started having more and more weapons. My acoustic guitar, my microphone and my newest toy of all : boss rc 30 loop machine. Not very far away, the ideas kept on going and a insane thought was about me creating a little EP with original songs. I have absolutely no expectations for this EP, that’s why I am creating it in the first place for myself and then, if someone finds theirselves in those lyrics and songs, I am beyond excited, happy and literally crying my brains out. That’s what “23 minutes of Fame” EP is all about and I hope that it’s going to be available for all of you soon.
That’s it for now.
Keep on living the best life you can live and – always listen to the voice inside.

PS: all the shout outs go for my special friend, Bogdan (you can find his work here @ who is helping me recording this EP.

PPS: if you’re looking for your voice to be heard, if you’re always creating and you can’t stop thinking about it (music, videos, photography, acting) feel free to send me a message on and be part of The Voices Inside!

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