Negative CORE Project a lansat videoclipul pentru “Mare Acidalium”

Negative CORE Project a lansat videoclipul pentru “Mare Acidalium”

Negative CORE Project – Mare Acidalium

Dupa o perioada de pauza baietii de la Negative CORE Project se intorc cu un nou single insotit de un videoclip. Acesta se numeste “Mare Acidalium” si a fost inregistrat si mixat de catre Tudor SCANTEIE si masterizat de Mihai Alexandru “MAD” DINCA.

This project was founded in 2011 and though it had its share of changes of both style and members, it prospers every year and tries to surpass itself.
In 2015, Negative CORE Project self-named the band’s music “Gangsta Rock” trying to bring not only the attitude but also the lyrics of the music to the disturbing reality of the modern and frustrated individual.
We had a lot of positive feedback from both the local press and fans with our first album and our live performances which opened some good opportunities for us : we toured alongside our friends from BG- Eufobia and TK- Soul Sacrifice to promote “Spread the Disease”, we opened Napalm Death (2011 – Wings Club), Brujeria (2012 – Silver Church) and Veil of Maya (2013 – Fabrica).
We also made it to the semifinals in “Wacken Open Air Metal Battle” in Bucharest, in 2013 and we concluded the first day of the first edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest @ Rasnov – RO, the same year.
April 2015 delivered our second studio album – Silence is Betrayal and a release tour with our friends and local band Cap de Craniu in major cities in Romania.

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